Sunday, July 11, 2010

So, I'm about to get ready.

I'm about to get ready for my class that starts tomorrow. I'm pretty nervous, still. I've got to pack my lunch, pack some artwork and some essentials, and I'm bringing a notebook to write things about the class in...what I did that day, what I learned, what I need to do...
I dunno, I feel odd. I mean, I've never been to anything like this before. There's gonna be people I never met in an environment I've never been in. Hopefully, I'll walk out saying it was OMG AWESOME and all that. I wonder how good the students will be, artistically. What if they know much more than me, and make me feel like an idiot? What if they are people I thought were okay but ended up really being 'eww' or jerks? I think I should expect good things.
I also need to get some international stamps. Apparently the Post Office is closed today. LAMMMME.

Also, pictures because they're awesome and why not:

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